Woman beats up her boss with a mop stick for sending her lewd texts (video)


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A female government worker in China who said her boss was sending her harassing texts was caught on video beating up her boss with a mop stick in a circulated video which has gone viral on social media.

In the video that has surfaced, the woman from northeastern China, who has been identified only as Zhou is seen throwing books at the face of her boss Wang, and hitting him with the mop. As he is being hit, he hides his face behind his fingers, and attempts to apologize saying that he had been joking when he sent the messages. Later, she also removes multiple books from Wang’s desk and throws them at his head, South China Morning Post reported.

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The whole thing was captured on 14+ minutes of video, the New York Times reports. In the video, she is also seen in the video making phone calls, claiming the man had sent harassing texts to multiple women in the office.

The video has gone viral, and many have hailed the woman as a hero for standing up to her superior and fighting to protect herself and her coworkers. Another woman not seen in the video says, “How is it a joke? It shows that you have bad character Have you thought about consequences for your office?”

Chinese state news media said the incident happened in a government poverty agency in the Beilin district of Suihua, in China’s Heilongjiang Province, according to the New York Times. After the video went viral, an internal investigation found that the boss, who was a director at the agency, had ‘life discipline problems’ and was fired from official duties.

Zhou filed a police report about her boss last week, and the authorities were allegedly looking into her report before the video of her went viral. Several social media users have commended her bravery and her demand for justice.

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