Shocked : 59ft tapeworm emerges from Thai man bum

Thai Man

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Shocking as Thai Man who complained of stomach pains had a 59ft about 18m long tapeworm removed from his anus making it the longest tapeworm seen in Thailand in the last 50 years.

The 67-year-old patient, from Nong Khai province, Thailand, said he had suffered “flatulence” since the beginning of March and went to a hospital where the doctor took a stool sample to medics at the Parasitic Disease Research Centre for testing.

The results showed it contained 28 infective eggs which the doctors believed came from infected and uncooked beef.

They prescribed medication “niclosamide” to the patient and after taking it, the giant parasite oozed out of his anus the next day on March 20.

Footage taken at the Parasitic Disease Research Centre shows two astonished medics pouring water onto the gigantic tapeworm.

A spokesman for the Parasitic Disease Research Centre said: “A Taenia saginata bovine tapeworm more than 18 metres long was obtained from a patient whose sample was sent to the centre.

“He was given the deworming medication before bedtime and in the morning this long worm came out of his bottom. It was very big and took us a while to lay it all out on the ground.”

Gigantic 59ft tapeworm emerges from man?s bum after he complained of stomach pain

Dr Schawanya Rattanapitoon, who led the team, said: “Transmission is caused by eating raw beef. These parasites can live in humans for more than 30 years.” The man was given medication and he was warned to change his eating habits.


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