Mexican ‘serial killer and cannibal’, Andrés Mendoza, 72, arrested for murder of his girlfriend dismembering nine other women at his home

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Authorities in central Mexico discovered the remains of a 34-year-old missing woman and at least nine other women at the home of her 72-year-old boyfriend, Andrés Mendoza.

The Attorney General’s Office for the State of Mexico indicated that the eight other women may have been murdered by Andrés Mendoza during a 20-year stretch.

Imagen Television reported that Mendoza confessed to have eaten the body parts of his victims. He reportedly also had video taped the killings of his victims.

Reyna González, a mother of two girls, visited the home of her boyfriend, 72-year-old Andrés Mendoza, to tell him that she was no longer interested in carrying on with their relationship. Mendoza reacted by stabbing her in the chest before using a machete to hack her and stuff her remains inside a bag

Police in the town of Atizapan were conducting a search for Reyna González, missing woman and mother of two girls, when they found her dismembered body inside Mendoza’s on Saturday, May 15.

The mother of two was reported missing last Friday after she went to Mendoza’s home at noon to tell him that she was going to end their relationship.

Mendoza did not agree with González’s ending their relationship and reportedly stabbed her inside his home.

Andrés Mendoza is led away by authorities in State of Mexico, Mexico, after he was arrested for allegedly murdering his girlfriend. Authorities discovered the remains of at least eight other women buried at his home

According to Infobae, Mendoza drove the knife into González’s chest and then used a machete to cut her limbs off before stuffing her body parts into a bag.

Authorities entered Mendoza’s home Saturday at approximately 8pm and searched the home before they made the gruesome discovery.

The bags containing González’s body had been placed on top of a table. Authorities did not confirm whether Mendoza had ate any of González’s body parts after killing her.

During the search, sniffer dogs led a search team to an area of the home where the remains of other women were discovered.

A dog searches the property of Andrés Mendoza before leading agents to human remains

Workers also found women’s clothing and shoes which allegedly belonged to the victims who were butchered by Mendoza. He also peeled the skins off the women’s faces and their scalps, authorities said.

Authorities also seized a collection of videotapes that reportedly contained the names of several women with footage of their killings and a notebook with the names of 29 women

Firefighters and an agent with the prosecutor's office for the State of Mexico search through the soil at the home of Andrés Mendoza where the remains of  at least nine women were found

Investigators also found voter identification cards of Rubicela Castillo, 32, who was reported missing July 20, 2019, and Flor Vizcaino, 38, who was last seen October 16, 2016.

Rubicela Castillo's id card was located at the home of Andrés Mendoza, but authorities have yet to determine if the remains of the missing woman were within the ones discoveredFlor Vizcaino has been missing since October 2016

Castillo, a native of Monterrey, Nuevo León, moved to Mexico City in 2019 with her five-year-old son and was working for a bank and Uber.

Dilcya García, the lead prosecutor for the Attorney General’s Office division that the evidence that was uncovered made them believe that they were dealing with a “serial” killer.

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