Meet The ‘Zombie’ Parasite That Forces Its Male Victims To Mate With Dead Female Victims

Pathogens and parasites are tiny living organisms that live in hosts for food, shelter and reproduction. They are transmitted by getting their hosts to be in contact with an uninfected victim. These parasites generally do not have any benefits to their victims and would often kill them if the hosts are left untreated.

The pathogenic fungus called Entomophthora muscae is a parasite that is known to infect houseflies. It is a mind- controlling organism which manipulates the behaviour of its host until the host dies.

The parasite usually controls the host victim by forcing it to fly to a higher leaf or tree and spreading out its wings without ever retracting them. Spores then sprout from the dead fly which could cause a spread of the infection if another fly touches the spores.

This pathogen, however, doesn’ t have time for another fly to come by, instead, it produces an alluring odour (in female flies) that draws the male ones out.

The male flies which would be unaware of the state of health of the female flies would then mate with the dead flies. The pathogen hitchhikes onto the male flies and starts growing on the body. After some time, it is able to fig into the tough after shelling of the fly and invade its inner body. It completely infects the male host before killing it after Eight days of infection.

If such a pathogen was to become strong enough to affect humans, what dangers could we face? The most likely thing we would notice would be many crazed men who would want to invade mortuaries to mate with dead females.

The pathogens would also control the minds of people it infects turning them into mindless zombies who would want to do anything their mind- controlling pathogen masters would want them to do.

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