Hashtag Trend, May 7, 2021 – Canada’s top technology company in 2021- Facebook shuts down Signal ads. Google Docs VS Word


LinkedIn publishes a list of Canada’s top companies and the tech industry is well known. Facebook has shut down ads from Signal, and Twitter is comparing Google Docs with Word.

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LinkedIn has released a list of top companies in 2021. It ranks 25th in the best workplaces to grow your career. According to LinkedIn, the third annual list is pinned to “unique LinkedIn data,” which analyzes how a company invests in its employees. RBC, TD and Scotiabank make up the top three, with Alphabet and Bell rounds in ranks 4 and 5, respectively.

Other tech companies in the top 10 include SAP and Deloitte, but IBM missed the mark in 11th place. Many of the companies on the list, including tech companies, are also currently hiring.

After Instagram ran a series of ads highlighting how it collects personal data from users and blows it up with ads, the encrypted messaging app Signal was launched on Instagram’s advertising platform. In a blog posted earlier this week, Signal called for user privacy policies for both Instagram and its parent company Facebook.

Both social media giants use the same technology and platform. In a tweet on May 4, Signal said: “I wanted to use Instagram ads to emphasize how advertising technology is invading privacy. Instead, Facebook shut down my account.” It may not be a big surprise to many.

However, both Facebook and Instagram have access to all the data that users create when they inspect their home feed. The data collected can be detailed, such as personal information such as age and location, as well as employment type, relationship status, real estate opportunities, and even skin care routines and musical interests.

And finally, Twitter caused a passionate battle Between Google Docs and Word users this week. When one user pointed out how Gen Z wasn’t using Microsoft Word, the response was quick. Many people, including myself, noticed the Google Docs trend and quickly panicked about charging for the service. Fortunately, that’s not the case. Since then, many have pointed out that the Microsoft Office license that comes with many other software, including Word, costs $ 150 a year. Others have said that Word has an equivalent browser, but it doesn’t match Google Docs.


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