Drones Light Up Shanghai’s Sky With a Scannable QR Code


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Shanghai-based online entertainment company Bilibili has wowed people around the world with its latest  marketing drive as drones lights up the sky.

Recently, Bilibili launched 1,500 drones into the sky to form a QR code at The Bund, Shanghai.

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Viewers can scan the QR code and be led to a website promoting a video game that was launched in China last year.

Hundreds of drones took over Shanghai’s night sky on Saturday with a light show that ended with a giant QR code, a symbol of China’s booming digital economy and consumerism.

The QR code is ubiquitous across China, used for everything from adding friends on messaging apps to paying for groceries at markets, ordering at restaurants, and even giving to panhandlers.

The illuminated QR code, effectively a billboard advertisement in the air, was part of a light show put on by Chinese video-streaming company Bilibili on the first anniversary of the China release of the Japanese role-playing game Princess Connect! Re:Dive. A photo of it went viral on Twitter on Sunday, prompting reactions ranging from amazement to disgust.

Reports added that “1,500 illuminated drones formed into the game’s logo and characters before transforming into a floating QR code that links to its homepage.” An April 17 2021 tweet included the image and a description:



The QR code in the sky stunt was part of a drone show performed with the beautiful skyline along Huangpu River as its backdrop.

The drone show celebrates the first year anniversary of Japanese role-playing video game “Princess Connect! Re: Dive”.

The video game was first launched in Japan three years ago and in China in April 2020.

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