Dog owner seriously injured after new pup attacks just hours after bringing him home

A woman was left seriously injured after her new puppy attacked her just hours after bringing him home.

The owner’s leg was left covered in huge bruises and bite marks shortly after picking up German Shepherd and Belgian Malinois mix puppy, Thor last month.

Shocking images shared by Julie Nevett, a dog rescue worker, show horrific purple and black bruises all the way up the unidentified owner’s leg along with two puncture wounds on her left leg.

On her right leg she was left with more gruesome bruises and puncture marks.

Julie blasted the dog breeders, Fawnest Kennels, who allegedly gave Thor to his owner in a Facebook post.

Thor was given to a dog rescue worker, Julie after the attack
Deadline News NB)

She had been given the pooch after she rehomed Thor’s brother after he also attacked his owner.

On her post, she said: “I have never publicly named the breeder of any dog that has entered our rescue. Today I’m going to break that rule.

“This owner, just like the owner of Thor 1, who is here with me, thought they were buying a quality puppy from a reputable breeder.

“Thor 1 is with us because he caused injuries requiring medical treatment to a young child in the family.

The owner said she had ‘tried so hard’
Deadline News NB)

“These are the photos of the injuries caused to Thor 2’s owner along with the message ‘I tried so hard I love him’.

“I feel dreadful for both owners, not only have they lost a significant amount of money and their puppy, they have quite serious injuries.

“Do not buy a ‘pet’ Malinois X German Shepherd from Fawnest Kennels.

“I b****y hope the breeders are suitably ashamed of themselves.”

The post received a great deal of attention, but users were divided on who was responsible for the dog’s behaviour.

Some blamed the breeder, while others said that the owners were not experienced to handle such a pooch.

Lynne Dickson said: “This ‘breeder’ sold a German Shepherd pup to friends.

“It’s now five-months-old and it’ll be lucky to see one-years-old. Its spine and hips are riddled with problems, pup has also bitten them a few times too.”

Thor was sold to the family by breeders
Deadline News NB)

Wayne Earl wrote: “Why the hell would they think those types of dogs are pets, it’s beyond me.

“Serves them right for being so dumb, it’s not down to the breeder, its down to the owners choosing the right dog and what they can handle.

Stickle Brix commented: “The breeder is the only one with the experience to make the decision about who should own a pup.

“Everyone saying the new owners should have researched needs to understand that the most diligent research will still not prepare you for the reality.

“The breeder should be more careful with where the pups go; it is 100% their responsibility.

German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois are typically trained for the police and the military, although it is not uncommon for them to be owned by families.

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One Reply to “Dog owner seriously injured after new pup attacks just hours after bringing him home”

  1. I respect everyone’s opinion, however I am curious to ask few questions. First of all who’s leg is that? How long was the puppy attacking you and why did you allow that, you clearly bigger and he had a muzzle on? Then do you have Cushing’s Syndrome ( If the puppy attacked you several times, why didn’t you record the behaviour? It could be then analysed by a dog’s behaviourist. Did you go to the doctor? Did you ask the breeder to take the dog back? Did you threatened the breeder that you will go public with the photos if they don’t pay you? Did you ask your vet for advice? Please explain what did you do exactly when the puppy arrived at your home? How did you play with him? Have you contacted any training center to know how to deal with such an active dog? No dog is born aggressive (Staffy is the example of that) there must be something that triggered the behaviour. I would kindly appreciate you take the time to answer above questions.

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