Bodybuilder who married s3x doll says having s3x with raw chicken meat inspires him

Married and divorced bodybuilder Sex doll  has revealed how having sex with chicken meat made him ask his neighbour to make him a sex doll with a chicken’s body .

This is not the first time Tolochko is making headlines for his sexual fetishes.

Yuri Trochiko, the body builder married a sex doll named Margo at a ceremony attended by dozens of guests in November 2020.

He later divorced it claiming he “cheated” on his wife with a strange object.

Lily and doll

But after an emotional division, he “Tricked” my wife with something strange, Yuri revealed why he bought a bespoke doll with a human face, but the body is a huge inflatable chicken named Laura.

Kazakhstan’s Muscle Man surprised viewers in a live Instagram interview with the Domenic Nati Show on Saturday.

On Thursday, March 11th, Yuri said on Instagram, “Introducing my new wife.

“It’s Laura. Laura [is] Queer, she hasn’t decided on her sexuality and gender identity yet [she is in search]..

“Laura has a female head, a chicken body, and a deep navel that allows her to insert her vagina and penis. I’ll show you one day.

Speaking to Domenick Nati, Yuri explained the bizarre farm animal-inspired design.

Domenick asked: “Why the body of a chicken? What does the chicken body do for you?”

Yuri replied: “It’s a very interesting story. I was experienced with chicken, I had experience with chicken but it was very huge chicken, meat not live, then I asked my neighbour, she is very good master and she made Laura for me.”

The Kazakh national insisted he did not rape a live animal but rather had his way with a whole chicken ready to be roasted.

Yuri did not reveal whether his sexual experience gave him any bacterial disease.

A baffled Dom asked: “So you had sex with a chicken, is that what you’re saying?”

Yuri replied: “Yes I had sex with a chicken. It was meat not live.”

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