Australian Olympic champion Torah Bright sparked a controversy online after breastfeeding her 10-month-old son

Australian Olympic champion Torah

Australian Olympic champion Torah Bright has responded after she was attacked on social media for posting an “insane” nude breastfeeding picture as she performed a handstand. She urged mothers to “accept our quirks” after a photo of breastfeeding their 10-month-old son in an inverted position sparked online debate.

The 34-year-old Australia’s most successful Winter Olympics Bright, who won gold and silver medals on a snowboard halfpipe, posted a photo where she showed off her toned physique with her Instagram followers on Sunday, May 9 to commemorate Mother’s Day.

The image of her breastfeeding son Flow was part of a series of photos she uploaded with the caption “Being a mother unleashed something in me.”

In it, she’s seen wearing only her panties while doing a handstand. Her 10-month-old son, Flow, is seen kneeling to breastfeed as she holds the upside-down position.

Bright responded after the photo collected thousands of comments on her social media accountShe posted a quote from Mary Poppins, adding that she was

“It’s deeply spiritual. It’s primal. It’s raw. It’s fierce. It is pure. I am mother.”

Bright responded to criticism after the photo collected thousands of comments on her social media account.

One user wrote: “I just don’t get the need to seek attention and post photos of everything you do. I just don’t get it.”

Another added, “My first question is – why?? Sure I get it’s natural & a beautiful thing – but I don’t post my first bowel movement of the day standing on 1 leg. Same thing?”

Bright hit back at the cruel comments, after admitting reading them “made her sad”.

She wrote on her Instagram Story: “In my world, mothers should be each other’s cheer leaders (it’s hard enough). Embrace our quirkiness and finding the joy in every sh***y thing that is motherhood.

“We all do it differently. It is not wrong or right. Motherhood is pure. I only now consider myself a Wonder Woman because I have joined the sacred MOTHERS club with you. Nothing but respect to all mothers.”

Bright reminded her followers she was not “looking for praise,” instead proudly saying she “walks this earth to the beat of my own drum, led by my nutrition and search for love and joy … obviously.”

She said:'My prayer for all mothers is that they will be heard now and in the future. Honorable. Encouraged to respect and trust their intuition.

She also related to a quote from Mary Poppins that reads: “In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun. You find the fun and snap, the job’s a game.”

Australian Olympic champion Torah

The renowned Olympic athlete shares Flow with her husband, fellow snowboarder Angus Thomson.

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